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Crompton - The Brand
Crompton Batteries was once known as ‘The Young Battery’ and have been providing the perfect portable power solution since the 1950’s. Since Platinum took ownership of the Crompton brand back in 2009, it has crossed the waters on to Irish shores, and is powering the aftermarket once again. 2015 has seen the introduction of a new look Crompton range, which has regenerated the brand whilst keeping true to the brands identity.


Crompton batteries are well known at both trade & consumer level for providing premium power to a number of markets, such as;

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The Connect Battery Portal
Furthermore, a new string has been added to the Crompton bow, as 2015 has seen the introduction of the new Crompton online battery Portal. This allows you to connect via a secure login, search via a Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) feature, which matches the vehicle to the correct battery. Install the battery utilizing the vehicle specific fitting instructions and highlights the vehicles that require an ECU reset following battery fitment.

All product specifications and information, previously only available in the printed catalogue, is also accessible through this online portal.


The Connect Battery Diagnostic Validation tool is also readily available to purchase from Platinum Batteries. Simply call today or speak to your local Business Development Manager for more information.

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