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Platinum can provide you with the most reliable source of power in an industry where unexpected downtime can be costly.

Top floor cleaner / scrubber and sweeper manufacturers, as well as maintenance companies, trust Trojan’s deep-cycle batteries to deliver reliable power for uninterrupted operation of their floor cleaning equipment.  Follow their lead and replace your batteries with Trojan deep-cycle battery products. They’ll give you the power to shine!

  • Trojan batteries feature our proprietary Maxguard® T2 Separator and exclusive Alpha Plus® Paste with T2 Technology™ which provides increased battery life, extended run time and decreased maintenance.
  • Durability, reliability and performance mean less unplanned downtime and increased return on our battery investment!
  • Learn about our AC Series which has been specifically designed for Floor Machine applications.

Selected models are available in extra-durable Polyon® cases for heavy service applications.

Simplify your battery maintenance routine with HydroLink™. The HydroLink watering system enables you to cut down battery watering time while maximizing the performance and life of Trojan’s deep-cycle flooded batteries. HydroLink is designed for Trojan’s 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt flooded batteries and takes the guesswork out of the watering process.  Once installed, a complete set of batteries can be filled in less than 30 seconds.

For more information you can request a brochure today or call one of our team members, who will provide you with the support you need.

Charging Your Deep Cycle Batteries

Charging your batteries is essential as it can ensure that you extend their life meaning you get the most from your battery.

As there are a number of different technologies such as Flooded, VRLA AGM and VRLA GEL, it is essential that you understand how to best charge each.  The VRLA products will require an altogether different charger to that of flooded batteries.

For further information on charging your deep cycle Trojan batteries check out the video below.