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Battery Advancements
Innovative technologies make a vital contribution to the first-class quality and high performance capabilities of Bosch batteries. Bosch purposefully developed these technologies for the contrasting requirement profiles of different types of vehicle. This guarantees maximum safety and reliability.


As modern vehicles are being fitted with more and more components which run onelectricity a high quality battery that provides a reliable power supply is essential. Bosch batteries can guarantee that.

Why Bosch
What do drivers particularly appreciate about their vehicle? Reliability. The certain knowledge of being able to travel from A to B all day, every day.


Good engine starting performance is a key aspect. To satisfy this demand with a consistently high level of starting power, Bosch batteries are tested under extreme temperature conditions – in the heat of Nevada and at the Arctic Circle. The results of the tests set new standards in terms of improving the battery technology, service life and cold starting performance.