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The comprehensive Bosch range is tailor-made to suit all customer requirements: The categories T3-T4-T5-TE are now available with innovative PowerFrame-technology. The further enhanced quality of the positive grid guarantees even better performance and greater reliability.
New to Platinum
Platinum International Limited and Robert Bosch UK are proud to announce a deal that will see us now stock, sell and distribute Bosch products throughout the UK.

The Bosch brand was formed in 1886 and is represented in over 150 countries. Bosch has become one of the world’s largest suppliers of automotive technology and we are proud to be connected with such a successful organisation.

Why Bosch

A large number of electrical consumers, long idle times and often also extreme temperature conditions push commercial-vehicle batteries to the limit. Bosch batteries ensure reliable power supply at all times. Thanks to advanced technologies, they are absolutely maintenance-free and feature a long service life – saving fleet operators both time and money.


The TE battery with EFB technology for extremely high starting power and a reliable supply of a large number of applications under tough and straining conditions.


The T5 battery provides a maximum performance and cycle stability, especially for vehicles with a high demand and frequent discharge cycles.


The T4 battery supplies all running applications in commercial-vehicle operations that require a normal level of energy – even with the engine shut off or in case of a frequent discharge.


The T3 battery provides uncompromising starting power – ideal for vehicles with low energy demands.