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S5 AGM: For passenger cars with start/stop system and braking energy recuperation
The constantly growing amount of electric consumers in modern vehicles and special requirements such as start/stop systems and braking-energy recuperation call for top-performance batteries. The Bosch S5 AGM battery delivers the required power for frequent starts and stops, and reliably supplies electronic devices during the stop phase.

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology from Bosch is the leading technology on the market for the most exacting requirements. Special mats of very thin glass fibers hold all the electrolyte, allowing higher amounts of energy to pass through. This enables the Bosch S5 AGM battery to give a top performance.

Key Features

  • Longer service life and up to 4 times greater deep cycle resistance than conventional starter batteries
  • Constant power even on short trips, in stop-and-go traffic or high consumption when stationary
  • Excellent charge acceptance and starting performance with a large number of electrical devices
  • Absolutely maintenance-free
  • Leak-proof and suitable for installation in any position
  • Constant power even for short trips, stop-and-go traffic or high consumption in stationary mode
  • Latest technology for start/stop applications
  • 4-year free replacement warranty
  • First-class quality from Bosch