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Platinum - The Brand

Since reinventing the Platinum brand in 2005, Platinum International had a vision to one day make Platinum The UK’s No.1 Selling Brand.

Implementing a focused strategy, whilst being dedicated to the vision, has seen Platinum become ‘The UK’s No.1 Selling Brand’. Although an achievement, the hard work has just begun, as we continue to work tirelessly to ensure it remains the consumers choice for years to come.

As the brand has grown, so too have the number of markets that it now services, some of which are highlighted below:

Other markets can be found via the drop down menu, or by simply clicking here.

The Connect Battery Portal

The Platinum Brand also introduced its new look online Connect portal in 2014.  The portal is a battery look up tool, which includes a VRM look up, as well as specifications by part number, cataloguing and vehicle specific fitting instructions.

When fitting a new battery, there may be the need for a battery validation reset. The new Platinum Connect Portal highlights when a vehicle requires a Platinum Connect Diagnostic Tool, following a VRM search.

Connect ¦ Search ¦ Install ¦ Reset

The Platinum Connect Battery Diagnostic Validation tool is readily available to purchase from Platinum Batteries. Simply call today or speak to your local Business Development Manager for more information.