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Tungstone - The Story
The Tungstone brand was created by Walter Haddon in the early 1900’s following the acceptance of a present in the form of a walking stick.  As strong as the metal Tungsten – as not even a screw or nail could pierce it – and as heavy as a stone the brand ‘TUNGSTONE’ was born.

Haddon trademarked the name and in 1920 began the manufacturing of wooden cased lead acid batteries.

From there the brand grew and became one of the UK’s largest battery manufactures, selling over 700,000 batteries per year.

Platinum Batteries (Europe) Ltd took on the Tungstone brand in 2009 and has continued to sell the prestigious brand in to the aftermarket.

2015 has seen the introduction of the new Tungstone batteries on-line Portal, which allows you to perform a Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) search, amongst other useful tools.   All product specifications and information previously only available in the printed catalogue is also accessible through this portal.

Known at both trade & consumer level, Tungstone provides superior power to a number of markets, such as:

  • Automotive – Including Start / Stop
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Leisure / Marine

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The Connect Battery Portal
The Tungstone Brand also introduced its new look online Connect portal in 2014.  The portal is a battery look up tool, which includes a VRM look up, as well as specifications by part number, cataloging and vehicle specific fitting instructions.

When fitting a new battery, there may be the need for a battery validation reset. The new Connect Portal highlights when a vehicle requires a Platinum Connect Diagnostic Tool, following a VRM search.

Connect ¦ Search ¦ Install ¦ Reset

The Platinum Connect Battery Diagnostic Validation tool is readily available to purchase from Platinum Batteries (Europe) Ltd. Simply call today or speak to your local Business Development Manager for more information.

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