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Portable Power Batteries
A canal boat battery is specifically designed to be continually ‘cycled’. This means that energy is taken out (discharged) and then energy put back in to the battery (recharged), via a battery charger or during ‘hook up’ at a marina. There are three different battery technologies used that each deliver increasing numbers of cycles and duration (time) per cycle, which in turn equates to more hours ‘off grid’.
The Platinum Canal Boat and Canal Boat Plus range are batteries designed for the ‘waterways enthusiast’. The Trojan AGM or GEL deep cycle ranges are best suited to the ‘Open Water Explorer’ and both deliver up to 10 times longer service life and up to 5 times faster recharge than a standard canal boat battery.
Starting Power Batteries
A starter battery is designed to supply a very high current so that the engine can be cranked and started. Although this requires a substantially greater current than that required to run the various on-board electronics, it should only be in use for a few seconds at a time.
Once the engine is running, the battery is no longer required to perform any function and the engine charging system replenishes any electrical energy used. It is always advisable to fit a battery with the highest possible Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) available as this will help ensure the engine starts in cold weather conditions. It should also be kept at the highest state of charge possible.
The battery types available are vented Canal Boat / Canal Boat Plus Portable Power batteries (120 Cycles). Also available are the Trojan range of Canal Boat Deep Cycle batteries including standard vented technology (600 Cycles), AGM and Gel products (1000 Cycles).

Also available are the Platinum Canal Boat Starter batteries, which are the Canal Boat Starter and Canal Boat Plus Starter batteries.

For more information on the range you can request a product guide today by contacting one of the Platinum team.