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Conventional Commercial Battery

Conventional CV Range

The Conventional range of batteries has been engineered to meet exacting specifications of batteries fitted on the manufacturing line and provide premium, reliable power.


Eco Friendly – 97% Recyclable

Spare Part

Original Quality Spare Part

Vibration Resistance Standard V2

Vibration Resistance Standard

Platinum Xtreme Range

Platinum Batteries are the UK’s No1 Selling battery brand. Widely known as ‘The Consumers Choice’, the entire range meets the specification originally fitted by the vehicle manufacturer.


The Platinum Xtreme range offers premium power and performance for a wide range of commercial vehicle applications. Whether it is a heavy goods vehicle, truck, agricultural equipment or even construction vehicles, Platinum Xtreme offers reliability across all applications. The Platinum Xtreme range is engineered with high cyclic capability and vibration resistance (V2) in accordance to EN50342-1 as standard. Consequently

this provides a reliable power source and long life no matter what the application.


The Platinum Xtreme range are flooded lead acid Batteries and cover 95% of the commercial Vehicle parc. The Xtreme range will continue to service the majority of the market for some time, despite the introduction of new technologies such as Lithium-ion.

Working with strategic manufacturing partners, the Platinum Xtreme range is designed to minimise fleet downtime and increase commercial productivity. The Platinum range also has clear visibility on the introduction and development of new technologies, therefore you can be sure that we are providing the perfect portable power source for your needs.


Features & Benefits

  • OE Equivalent – Original Quality Spare Part Built To Meet And Exceed Manufacturing Standards
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Maintenance Free, Not Maintenance Impossible
  • Heavy Duty Performance – Robust Casing / Construction To Cope With Extreme Working Conditions
  • Long Life
  • Extra Power
  • Thick Grid Construction – Greater Reserve Performance
  • Capacity & Improved Cycling Performance
  • Interlocking Plates – Vibration Resistance (V2)
  • Tail Lift Application – Powers Vehicles With Tail Lift Facilities
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