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Commercial Vehicle Plus Battery, For Added On-Board Equipment

Conventional Plus CV Range

Conventional Plus Technology manufactured to provide additional power and increased performance in comparison to the Conventional range. Many Commercial Vehicles will place increased demands on the battery through the use of on-board electrical items whilst the engine is off.


Eco Friendly – 97% Recyclable

Spare Part

Original Quality Spare Part

Vibration Resistant - V2+

V2+ Vibration Resistance

Electrical Equipment - On-board

Added Electrical Equipment

Conventional Plus Battery Range

The Platinum Xtreme Plus range is designed to exceed O.E specification and offers superior performance with +30% Extra Power, increased service life and V2+ (vibration resistance). The Platinum Xtreme Plus range services 85% of the European Commercial Vehicle Parc and is designed to cope with increased demands from both vibration and electrical loads from ‘in cab’ equipment. It utilises labyrinth lid technology, which increases service life and also provides +30% Extra power.


The thick grid plate construction in the Xtreme Plus also provides superior reserve capacity which leads to improved cycling capability compared to the Platinum Xtreme range. These features make the Xtreme Plus the logical choice for professionals within the sector, as they are a reliable power source and provide optimum power as well as increased performance.

Reduced fleet downtime, with increased productivity is the true benefit
delivered by the Xtreme Plus range. The features highlight how this is made


Features & Benefits

  • Exceeds OE Specification – Original Quality Spare Part
  • Built To Meet And Exceed Manufacturing Standards
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Superior Reserve Capacity/Ampere Hour Rating
  • Maintenance Free, Not Maintenance Impossible
  • Super Heavy Duty Performance
  • Long Life +
  • +30% Extra Power
  • Thick Grid Construction – Greater Reserve Capacity & Improved Cycling Performance
  • Interlocking Plates – Specifically Designed For Superior Vibration Resistance
  • Tail Lift Application – Powers Vehicles With Tail Lift Facilities
  • Increased Hotel Load (In-Cab Electrical Equipment)
  • High Cranking Performance In The Coldest Of Climates
  • Glass Mat Separators – Improved Cyclic Performance
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