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The Conventional Plus Sealed Range Is Manufactured For the Most Demanding Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Which Operate In The Most Arduous Conditions Where Vibration Resistance Is Necessary.


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Commercial Sealed Batteries

The Conventional Plus Sealed range is an extension of the Conventional Plus range. Designed to exceed O.E specification, this fully sealed battery is the perfect solution for vehicles that demand premium power, performance, reliability & added safety. The range is designed and manufactured to deal with increased demands from both vibration (rough terrain) and added electrical loads (‘in cab’ electrical equipment). With V3 vibration resistance as standard, the range is suited to the most demanding applications and the most arduous of conditions. The range is perfectly suited for use on heavy plant machinery (Cranes, Loaders, Bulldozers and Excavators), working with rough terrain and high impact activity over prolonged periods of time.

The Conventional Plus sealed range is designed to cope with high cyclic drain from ‘in cab electrical equipment’ (TVs, Navigational systems & Toilet pumps), making it perfectly suited to long haul vehicles such as HGVs and Passenger Service Vehicles (PSVs).

This technology is migrating to certain sectors within the commercial vehicle division.  For example new buses, which operate with a ‘tilt’ function, utilise this range’s technology as safety requirements demand that the battery is fully sealed. Ideal for the most arduous applications the Conventional Plus Sealed is the logical choice for professionals within the CV sector, especially where measured Safety, Vibration Resistance and continual battery cycling are required.


Features & Benefits

  • Exceeds OE Specification – Original Quality Spare Part
  • Built To Meet And Exceed Manufacturing Standards
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Superior Reserve Capacity/Ampere Hour Rating
  • Maintenance Free, Not Maintenance Impossible
  • Super Heavy Duty Performance
  • Long Life +
  • +30% Extra Power
  • Thick Grid Construction – Superior Reserve Capacity & Greater Cycling Performance
  • Interlocking Plates – Specifically Designed For Superior Vibration Resistance (V3)
  • Tail Lift Application; Powers Vehicles With Tail Lift Facilities
  • Increased Hotel Load (In-Cab Electrical Equipment)
  • High Cranking Performance In The Coldest Of Climates
  • Glass Mat Separators – Improved Cyclic Performance
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