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Welcome to the introduction of the new updated  Connect, Online Battery Portal.

Here we aim to make battery specification and fitting searches easily accepsable and quick and easy to funtion for our customers.

The Portal allows you to type in the numbeplate of a vehicle and with just one click of a button it displays you with the vehicles battery type, specifcations and fitting instructions.

This feature we designed specifically for our customers as not only does it find the correct vehicle battery it helps our customers avoid returns because of incorrect battery fitment.

Follow these easy steps to gain access;

– Sign up and open your account with your local Business Development Manager

– Get your unique Username and Password

– Get Access To Our Online Battery Cataloging & VRM search tool

– Manage Your Account & Your Customer Accounts In One Area

Garage Access Via Factor Portal Account

One of the biggest new developments is a secure login area, which allows direct access to the Retail Portal Platform, for Motor Factors and their customers alike.

This is done via a ‘Master’ Portal account, which the Factor would hold, giving a further value added service to the garage.

Vehicle Specific Battery Fitting Instructions and Fitting Times

The Portal provides the option to access and download the vehicle specific battery fitting instructions (at a nominal cost per download) for newer vehicles post 2008. In addition, the Portal also provides an indication of regional main dealer fitting times and labour rates, which provides the garage with better information to price the job correctly and ‘price specifically to that vehicle’.

Diagnostic Tool Indicator

There is a Diagnostic Tool indicator that highlights whether or not a battery diagnostic tool is required to re-programme the new battery to the vehicle.