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Platinum Connect Tool

More and more vehicles are starting to require a diagnostic tool to reset and update infomation on the vehicles Electronic Contol Unit (ECU).

Over the coming years we are set to see migration of most new vehciles requiring the diagnostic tool for a battery change, therefore it is essential that you have access to suach a tool to enable you to

  • Service More Customers
  • Future Proof Your Business
  • Increase Your Profit

The Diagnostic Tool covers the European Automotive Car Parc in regards to battery replacements and our tool also has the ability to add other modules such as;

  • Diesel Parculate Filter (DPF)
  • Electronic Park Brake
  • Service Light Rest

Or tool will ensure that you have the ability to reset and configure the vehicles ECU following a battery change but also allos you to add new modules at the cost of £75 per module; meaning you have the ability to say YES to your customers.

• Operates via a plug into the vehicle OBD port – no need for batteries to power the unit
• Has a simple 6 button operation – easy to use walk-through
• Completes validation within 60 seconds – the technician’s time that is taken will be minimal
• Extensive Vehicle Parc Coverage with ongoing update support
• Updated via the internet every 3 months with new vehicles giving you up to date Vehicle Parc Coverage
• Comes with a full 12 month warranty (from date of registration)
• Additional modules can be added


Failure to use the Platinum Connect Diagnostic tool to reset the ECU will result in premature battery failure.

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