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Silver Calcium Batteries – Informative overview


The range of batteries provided by Platinum International are suitable for fitment on all Ford vehicles, including those manufactured from 1997 onwards.

Across Europe, Ford only fitted Silver Calcium batteries until 2004, after 2004 Calcium/Calcium battery were fitted as standard.

Silver Calcium Introduction
In the mid to late 90s, Ford introduced ‘Silver Calcium’ batteries worldwide for their range of vehicles, along with a smart charging system. Ford dealers were told that a Silver Calcium battery must only be replaced by another Silver Calcium battery. Ford suggested that if a standard lead acid battery was fitted, instead of a Silver Calcium battery, it is more likely to have a drastically reduced life. This is not the case.

Platinum International have a complete range of batteries. Our range consists of replacement batteries that can be applied to all Ford vehicles. Our batteries will provide a life that is at least as good as the recommended Ford replacement batteries in the UK aftermarket.

Please note Calcium and Calcium/Calcium batteries are used by all major vehicle manufacturers as they are maintenance free under normal operating conditions.

Platinum Batteries products are parts of matching quality to those fitted by vehicle manufacturers. Our batteries are made on the same production lines, using the same man power, equipment, controls and quality inspections approved by the car manufacturers to whom they are supplied.

Why Do We Use Calcium In Batteries
Calcium is added to the Lead grids as a strengthening agent, this is true in the Micro-Hybrid variations too – Less than 0.1% of Calcium is added to the Lead grid during the manufacturing process. It has often been the belief that Calcium batteries are completely different to the standard Lead acid batteries, which is not the case. The Calcium battery is part of the Lead acid battery’s evolution, in the same way that the Enhanced Cyclic Mat or Advanced Flooded Battery is.
Ford - Reasons For Silver Calcium
  • Reason 1: Charge voltage tolerance increased from 14.4V to 14.8V
  • Response 1: Calcium/Calcium batteries supplied by Platinum offer the same tolerance to this within the UK market
  • Reason 2: Cold cranking power increased by approximately 10
  • Response 2: Generally speaking our range of batteries will actually provide superior starting performance in comparison to the batteries fitted by the vehicle manufacturers
To summarise, you can fit a battery from our range to a Ford vehicle safe in the knowledge that you will have no issue with the battery, providing the correct part number is used. We would advise that you use our Platinum Connect Portal to search for the correct battery for the vehicle by using the vehicle registration.


If you do not have a Portal account, please contact us now and ask for more details.

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