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HGV & Truck Overview

To remain cost efficient, fleet downtime must be kept to a minimum, yet productivity needs to be increased.  This makes Reliability, Durability and Premium Performance paramount for all Heavy Goods Vehicles & Trucks.

As HGVs, Trucks & Delivery Vehicles place different strains on the battery i.e. ‘Long Haul’ journeys & in cab electrical equipment (HGVs) or shorter multiple stop journeys with tail lift applications (Delivery Vehicles) it is paramount that the correct application has the best suited and most efficient power source.

Newer vehicles now put even greater demands on the battery on a regular basis and although European manufacturers are world leaders in fuel efficiency, EU targets have been set to reduce emissions further. Developments within the cabs of these vehicles mean that there are added electrical loads demanding more from the battery.

HGV & Truck - Battery Drain Items
  • Electronic live tracking systems
  • Computerised manifest systems
  • Digital Tachograph systems
  • Additional tail lift options
  • Wash room/toilet pumps
  • Safety Equipment (e.g. lane departure notification system)
  • Air conditioning
  • Lighting systems
  • TV; including satellite & media consoles