LUKOIL | Platinum International Limited
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LUKOIL Lubricants facilitate reliable mobility for millions of people worldwide and prove their superiority in all areas of application.
The Importance
Lubricants are among the most important technical components of our daily life but they are hardly ever noticed. And that is the way it is meant to be, because only high-quality products with superior service life ensure frictionless advances in the dynamic world of today. Lukoil Lubricants takes its responsibility as a leading producer of reliable lubricants very seriously.

Growth and Improvements
No idle time: that also goes for the company. Stablegrowth, secure resources and steady improvement of products and processes are
the essentials in a highly volatile market. Therefore LUKOIL has made its goal to reach the very top of the line in the most sophisticated segment – fully synthetic high performance motor oils for modern engines. With the development of LUKOIL GENESIS this goal has most impressively been achieved – but we still strive for more.
It Is About Trust!
As a supplier for commercial and industrial companies, LUKOIL facilitates reliable operation in haulage as well as on vessels and in agricultural machinery. LUKOIL therefore contributes its part to ensure that today’s highly complex logistics networks never come to a halt – a scenario which would be unimaginable for today’s society.