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Marine Battery 'Cycling'
A Marine battery is specifically designed to be continually ‘cycled’. This means that energy is taken out (discharged) and then energy put back in to the battery (recharged), via a battery charger or during ‘hook up’ at a marina.
Electrical Usage

Understanding your electrical usage is critical to selecting the right battery.

‘Standard Equipment’ is simply the electrical equipment supplied with the Marine vessel. ‘Additional Equipment’ refers to those electrical items brought in to the vessel for use during your vacation (portable DVD player, laptop/tablet, kitchen appliances etc). Having defined your electrical equipment, you can then determine the electrical usage during your Marine break. In simple terms, we classify this usage as either ‘low, ‘medium’ or ‘high’.

For example, if you spend very little time in your cabin preferring the ‘back to nature’ type of Marine break, the Platinum Marine or Marine Plus range is the perfect choice. If, however, your group must have their homely ‘creature comforts’ at all hours of the day and night, then the Platinum AGM is best suited.

Distance Travelled

The distance travelled is a key consideration when selecting your Marine battery, as there will be constant usage of the battery.

For example, if you are travelling under 10 miles, the Platinum Marine battery is perfect, if, however, you are more likely to travel 10-20 miles on your Marine pursuit, the Platinum Marine Plus battery  would be better suited. Similarly, if you are looking to venture a little further each day, 30 – 40 miles, the Platinum AGM batteries will be better suited as they will power you for longer.

Berth of Your Vessel
The size (berth) of your Marine vessel and standard onboard electrical equipment determines which battery is best suited to your needs. For example, a 2 to 4 berth vessel will be best suited to the Platinum Marine & Marine Plus range.
Frequency Of Use
Another variable to consider is how frequently the Marine battery is used in the Marine application. For example,if you are using your Narrowboat or Yacht on a daily basis you will put more demands on the battery compared to if you are simply using it for the occasional Marine vacation.
Battery Charging
Marine batteries are specifically designed to be cycled and, therefore, it is critical that the battery is recharged immediately following your return from vacation. Leaving a Marine battery in a discharged state for any length of time will cause damage to the battery, which in turn will result in premature failure or greatly reduced product life.
Comprehensive Range
Comprehensive Range available from 75-180 amps, with multiple terminal options!
Heavy Duty Grid with Absorbed Glass Mat Separators
Holds electrolyte like a sponge to prevent acid spilling and provides up to 5 times more cycles than a standard marine battery.
Up To 5 Times More Cycles
Up To 5 Times More Cycles than Platinum Marine and Marine Plus range
Sealed Construction
Sealed Construction – Unique construction ensures no electrolyte leakage from terminals or case
Can Be Fitted In Any Position & Orientation
Unique construction ensures no electrolyte leakage from terminals or case
The entire range of Platinum Marine batteries comes with a 2-year warranty as standard (conditions apply).
Synonymous with premium quality and the very best performance, giving the consumer complete confidence in the product.
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