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More Power, More Freedom, More Fun

The mobility market has seen an increase in, and diversification of, mobility scooters to better suit the needs of today’s mobility user.

As a mobility user you will most likely rely on your mobility carriage to get you around town, to the shops or it may even be your main form of transport. This means that you must have the most reliable portable power solution, which is specifically matched to your mobility carriage, and gives you More Power, More Freedom, More Fun.

You must first identify the type of mobility user you are, which in turn will allow you to select the right mobility carriage that best suits you. From class 2 portable or medium scooters to class 3 large or heavy duty carriages.

We have also provided a battery selector table to help you better understand the range and size of battery suited to each category. This will have a direct impact on the available range (miles) the carriage can travel.

Battery State Of Charge
Weight On-Board The Carriage
In a similar way to weight in a car having an effect on fuel consumption, weight on a mobility carriage will have a similar effect on the batteries’ performance i.e. increased weight means an increased demand and drain on the batteries.
Pavements vs Roads - Max Speed
The legal speed limit on the pavement is 4mph, whereas on the road mobility carriages are able to reach speeds of up to 8mph (Class 3 only). This increase in speed will see more drain taken from the batteries, reducing the distance that the scooter can travel after a full charge.
Terrain is one variable that could massively impact the performance of the batteries. For example, if you live in a hilly area, you will place a higher drain on the batteries compared to that of someone living in a flat area.
Weather Conditions
The same can be said for conditions under the wheel. Rain, frost and snow can all have an effect on your traction and therefore drain your batteries quicker. Higher outdoor temperatures can also cause the batteries to discharge quicker, reducing your distance of travel. This has to be taken into consideration for all weather conditions and journeys, remember to keep your batteries charged.
Comprehensive Range
Comprehensive range of genuine mobility batteries to cater for your needs from 2.3Ah batteries to 100Ah batteries.
Features & Benefits

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