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Motorcycle Battery ‘Cycling'’
Manufactured to cope with constant discharge and recharge, the Platinum AGM is a truly durable battery.
Spill and Leak Proof?
Electrolyte is absorbed in to the glass mat separators, enabling you to fit the battery in any orientation as it’s 100% spill and leak proof. This makes the range ideal for the most demanding of applications.
Factory Activated!
You will receive our product in a fully charged condition, just fit and ride!
Vent With Flame Arrestor
Safety system, no risk of explosion from external spark
Comprehensive Range
Comprehensive range available from 4-24 amps, with multiple terminal options
Absorbed Glass Mat Separator
Maximum vibration resistance 100% sealed; fit in any orientation
Synonymous with premium quality and the very best performance, giving the consumer complete confidence in the product.
Heat-sealed Cover To Case
Fully sealed 100% spill & leak proof

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