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Motorcycle Batteries
Your choice of battery will be determined by the type of bike you ride, as well as the type of rider you are.  We have a comprehensive range of Platinum Conventional and AGM batteries that offer a choice of power and service life to suit any application.
Battery Demand
Some motorcycles will place a higher demand on the battery in comparison to others, this is due to a number of factors.  For example touring bikes will often have added electrical loads, such as digital displays, GPS systems, satellite radio, heated seats & hand grips and audio systems.
Battery Maintenance Must Do's

Check all terminals, connections & connectors for any damage.

Ensure there are no visible cracks to the casing.

Use a voltmeter to ascertain the exact voltage>

Charge when at 50% state of discharge or lower.

Charge your battery at least once a month. Your battery will determine the charger you require : a 6 volt battery will need a 6 volt smart charger, a 12 volt battery will need a 12 volt smart charger.

Conventional Battery

Engineered to meet the everyday demands of today’s motorcycling enthusiast, the Platinum Performance range provides quality, power and durability. The multi-application feature means you can be sure there is a Platinum Performance battery to suit you.

These “dry” batteries are supplied with an acid pack, therefore can offer extended shelf life. Using the filler tube provided, the batteries are simple to activate.

AGM Battery
Manufactured to cope with constant discharge and recharge, the Platinum AGM is a truly durable battery. Electrolyte is absorbed in to the glass mat separators, enabling you to fit the battery in any orientation as it’s 100% spill and leak proof. This makes the range ideal for the most demanding of applications.
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