Our AGM Leisure batteries have been specifically designed for motor movers. It is essential that the correct batteries are fitted because deep cycling from a motor mover causes regular batteries to fail prematurely. The National Caravan Council have verified our leisure range fit for purpose through the Leisure Battery Verification Scheme, giving you a peace of mind.


Feature Benefit
Thicker Plates Increases Ampere Hour performance which gives greater usage time. Ideal when Motor Movers are used
Advanced Plate Design High pure lead oxide gives high resistance to corrosion and reduces self-discharge. So offers greater storage time
Absorbed Glass Mat Seperators Increase cyclic capability alowing the battery to be discharged and recharged over 360 times, resulting in longer service life
Totally Sealed Construction Very safe product, ensures no electrolyte leakage from casing
Gas Recombination Recombines any gasses created during normal usage, totally manitenance free
Faster Recharge Reduced charging time, so the battery is in use for longer periods
Low Height Box Construction Ideal where the fitment location of the battery is restricted
Warranty Comes with a 2 year warranty for piece of mind