2015 has seen Platinum Batteries take things to the next level, in more ways than just one.  Though not entirely new, the PLATINUM ECO-LIFE scheme is opening the eyes of many of our customers.

What Is The Platinum ECO-Life Scheme?

The Platinum ECO-LIFE scheme is a simple, yet effective service that is readily available for you to take advantage of.

A site or business that handles over 500 Kg of hazardous waste must be registered with the Environment Agency as a producer of hazardous waste, in accordance with ‘The Waste Regulations Act 2011’. There are a number of hazardous waste items, scrap batteries being just one.

The Platinum ECO-LIFE scheme provides a registration service, whereby we can assist in the completion of any environment agency documentation on your behalf. Further more we can provide your business with small scrap battery bins, which ensure that you are able to maintain a clean, tidy and safe working environment.

Following every collection, we leave you with a hazardous waste collection note for your records, which is an overview of what has been collected.  The Platinum team member will also fill in their electronic copy on their PDA, whilst on site, which produces an digital hazardous waste consignment note.

These notes need to be accessible for three years as a legal requirement, as we have an electronic copy we can store this on your behalf – this is proof that you are disposing of your hazardous battery waste in the correct way, via a legally compliant scheme.

How does it work?

Simply put;

– You Register

– We Deliver Your New Batteries

– We Collect Your Old Batteries

– We Credit Your Account

– We Store Your Documentation

– We Recycle The Old Batteries

– The Recycled Batteries Are Used In New Products

– We Maintain Our Competitive Position

– We Work Together To Protect & Maintain The Environment That We Live In


Visit our Scrap Solution page on the website for more information, alternatively contact the team today and request your very own Platinum ECO-Life Brochure.