We are pleased to announce the opening of our ninth customer support centre, Wakefield. Walking into a new depot for the first time is
always a challenging experience. To start with the building is just a shell. There is no stock, no racking, no furniture, no IT systems and not even
a kettle! We have shown further investment into the continuity of our business by opening our Wakefield customer support centre as this can only mean one thing. Our customers will receive an increased level of service! The customer support centre will include a new 600ft2 mezzanine floor, installation of a meeting and training room with buffet facilities and a new customer collection point. We have already set the racking up and are receiving stock from suppliers directly into the building. Wakefield will operate with 4 Warehouse Ambassadors on the inside and 5 Driver Ambassadors delivering out on the road. We have had deliveries leaving Wakefield since the 1st September 2015 and look forward to many more!