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The Odyssey range provide the most reliable starting and cyclic back up power.  When called up on the GENSET batteries provide true deep cycling and high cranking performance, even in the most arduous conditions, making them ideal for back up generator power.

Odyssey GENSET (Hybrid)


Features & Benefits

  • High Cranking Ability

  • Deep Cycle Ability – 600 Cycles

  • Increased Power – Thin Plate Pure Lead Batteries

  • Increased Shelf & Service Life

  • Long Service Life

  • High Charge Acceptance

  • High Vibration Resistance

Odyssey Extreme GENSET Range

The Odyssey Extreme GENSET range of batteries are the ideal solution where starting and deep cycling is required, especially in areas where power outages are a frequent occurrence.

The reliable high cranking performance ensures that no matter what the conditions, you are able to turn over the diesel engine of the generator.

Where power outage occur on a regular basis the Odyssey GENSET range come in to their own, as they have the ability to reach a very high state of charge in the quickest possible time following usage.

The range are maintenance free and also have a long service.  If attached to a continuous trickle charge, the battery will last for years and still have the ability to fire up the GENSET unit when required.

Typical Applications
  • Original Generator Manufacturers

  • Tool & Equipment Generator Suppliers

  • Generator Hire Companies

  • Temporary Lighting Facilities

  • Off Grid Commercial Premises

  • Off Grid Homes

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