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31M-PC2150 Marine Dual Purpose Battery

The Odyssey Marine Batteries Are A Dual Purpose (Starting & Cycling Power) With High Cranking & Deep Cycling Capabilities.

Odyssey Extreme – Marine Range


Features & Benefits

  • High Cranking Ability
  • Deep Cycle Ability – 600 Cycles
  • More Power – Thin Plate Pure Lead Batteries
  • Increased Shelf & Service Life
  • Long Service Life
  • High Charge Acceptance
  • High Vibration Resistance
Odyssey Marine Overview

The Odyssey Extreme Marine range of batteries are the ideal solution where starting and deep cycling is a must.

The reliable high cranking performance ensures that you are able to turn over the vessels engine no matter what the conditions.

Where taxiing & mooring is part of, the Odyssey Extreme Marine Range comes in to its own. During this period the Marine vessel will rely solely on battery power to help reduce carbon emissions & increase fuel savings.

The Odyssey range also has the ability to fit more power in to the same size or smaller footprint where a normal battery would sit, without losing any performance.

The High cranking ability of the range is present even following deep discharge.

Typical Applications
  • Major Boat Builders

  • Narrowboat Yards

  • Ship Yards

  • Boat Yards

  • Lifeboats (On Cruise Liners)

The Marine range again utilises ‘Thin Plate Pure Lead’ (TPPL) technology when manufactured.  Flat plates are also used, opposed to the competition’s ‘Spiral wound cell’ technology, which means there is less wasted space, more surface area and in turn MORE POWER.

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