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Engineered to meet the everyday demands of today’s motorcycling enthusiast, the Platinum Performance range provides quality, power and durability. The multi-application feature means you can be sure there is a Platinum Performance battery to suit you. These “dry” batteries are supplied with an acid pack, therefore can offer extended shelf life. Using the filler tube provided, the batteries are simple to activate.

Superior Cast Grid Plate Design
Vibration resistance / improved conductivity for greater starting performance
Dry Charged Product
The Platinum Conventional range comes as a dry charged product for increased shelf life.

See below on a guide to filling the battery with acid.

Comprehensive Range
Comprehensive range available, from old British bikes, to the new, modern Japanese bikes
Absorbed Glass Mat Separator
Maximum vibration resistance 100% sealed; fit in any orientation
Synonymous with premium quality and the very best performance, giving the consumer complete confidence in the product.

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