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At Platinum International, we recognize the importance of addressing environmental sustainability. As such, we are dedicated to reducing environmental impacts in the manufacture, distribution, use and disposal of our products.

Our planet provides us with astounding resources, which gives us the opportunity to produce our products and power our company.

We must protect the environment that we work and live in. After all, a healthy planet and a healthy community go hand in hand.

We provide a ‘Cradle to Grave’ solution for our customers! Not only do we supply the latest start-stop batteries, specifically designed to reduce the vehicle’s CO2 emissions and carbon footprint, but we also focus on recovering the old ‘replaced battery’ and recycling it via our legally compliant, environmentally friendly, Platinum ECO-LIFE scheme.


The Platinum ECO-LIFE scheme is a simple, yet effective service that is readily available for you to take advantage of.

Every site that handles over 500 Kg of hazardous waste must be registered with the Environment Agency as a producer of hazardous waste, in accordance with ‘The Waste Regulations Act 2011’. Hazardous waste can fall under a number of different categories including batteries, fluorescent tubes, oil filters, tyres and waste engine oil.

To put into context, the amount of waste equivalent to 500 Kg, it could be either approximately 25 batteries or 550 litres of oil.

The Platinum ECO-LIFE scheme provides a registration service, whereby we can assist in the completion of any environment agency documentation on your behalf.

As part of our service we can also provide you with small scrap bins for your scrap batteries, which ensure you maintain a clean, tidy, and most importantly, safe working environment. As we utilise a reverse logistics solution we offer regular, small collections in 1s and 2s from your site.

Upon every scrap collection our Platinum ECO-Life team will leave you with a Hazardous Waste collection note for your records, which acts as an overview of what has been collected. The Platinum team then complete a form on their PDA, whilst on site, which generates a digital hazardous waste consignment note. This needs to be accessible for 3 years as a legal requirement, and we store it on your behalf. It is proof that you are disposing of your hazardous waste correctly, via a legally compliant scheme.

What’s best is that we can simply credit your account the next day!

Put in simple terms:

  • You safely store your batteries
  • We collect your batteries
  • We sort your batteries
  • We recycle your batteries
  • We credit your account

 Find Out More

To find out more on the Platinum ECO-Life scheme and how this can benefit you and your business, contact one of the team today.

Alternatively you can log in to your account and download a PDF copy of our new Platinum ECO-Life brochure.  You can also request a copy by dropping the team an email, leaving your name, email address and contact number.

Click here, for more information on the Environment Agency & Carrier licences. 

Platinum ECO-Life, the responsible scheme.

How Do I Get My Scrap Collected?
Simply call 0845 063 9999 and one of our helpful customer services team will arrange a collection at a time most convenient for you.
I Have One Scrap Battery, Can You Still Collect It?
Yes, we can collect your scrap in 1s and 2s, there is no minimum quantity for scrap collections! Having your scrap collected in 1s and 2s means, less risk of theft, more working space for you, a cleaner environment and much more.
Can I Return A Battery That Isn’t A Platinum Battery?
Yes, Platinum will collect any lead acid battery no matter what the brand! We want to keep the recycling loop going, regardless of who has made the batteries!
How Do I Store My Scrap Batteries?
Waste batteries must be stored in the correct manner to prevent acid leakage. Batteries must be stored in a sealed container, in order to prevent
leakage of sulphuric acid onto surface areas, the ground and into water systems
Will I Have To Pay To Recycle My Batteries?
There is no collection charge for lead-acid batteries! There will however be a small disposal charge for Lithium-Ion batteries as these attract a specialised high cost recycling process.
Can You Collect My Scrap If I Don’t Have A Delivery Due?
Yes, we’re in the area 3 times a week minimum; therefore you can have your scrap batteries collected whether you have ordered or not!
I Have A Lithium-Ion Battery, Can You Collect Those?
Yes as we have a duty of care with our environment, however there is a battery disposal charge for lithium batteries as they have to be recycled in a different manner
Can I Collect Scrap Batteries From My Customers?
Yes you can!
– You must register each of your premises that will be collecting scrap as a low risk exemption; storage of hazardous waste, which has been produced by other businesses.
– You must also be registered as a waste carrier / broker with the Environment Agency. There’s a fee for this!
– For every collection / receipt of scrap batteries you make, whether single battery or multiple batteries, you must provide your customer with a hazardous waste consignment note. This note must be in triplicate, you must retain a copy of it for your records. Consignment
notes must be retained for 3 years. All consignment notes produced are subject to reporting requirements from the Environment Agency.
This must be done using their specific format and reported on a quarterly basis.