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S3 Technology
Bosch Batteries are some of the most respected car batteries in the world. Their original quality specification makes replacing your original battery simple and cost effective. The Bosch S3 Battery range is completely maintenance free, giving you peace of mind when fitted.


The S3 range comes with a high level of reliability and starting power with good value for money for the compact class and vehicles with fewer electrical convenience features.

Powerframe Technology

Rigid grid frame

Prevents grid growth and corrosion at the edges and so damage to the separator, or short circuits caused by the grid making contact with the negative plate.

Stamped grid

The rigid, precise structure ensures excellent adhesion of the active material to the grid and permits low-resistance, rapid charging and discharging of the battery. In contrast to conventional grids, there is no brittleness arising from mechanical deformation during production.

Optimum grid structure

More lead is applied to the areas subject to a higher load: the grid is more hard-wearing and resistant to corrosion.

Grid designed for optimum flow

In this innovative design, the grid bars lead directly to the plate link. The low flow resistance ensures optimum conductivity and the fastest possible supply of power to the electrical device.

The SAE J240 (75 °C) life cycle test shows that

the stamped grid (right) exhibits minimal corrosion with virtually no loss of conductivity. In the grid on the left, the material between the alloy grains has suffered corrosion, resulting in a weak flow of current and a shorter service life.

Quality and Reliabilty
Bosch batteries are built to start in virtually any outside temperature. Their innovative grid technology also makes them resistant to high temperatures inside the engine chamber which often exceed 100°C. At the same time, acid consumption and corrosion are minimised. This translates into minimum self-discharge, tolerance for short-distance driving and perfect operational safety throughout their entire service life.



Maintenance free high performance

Long service life

Good, reliable Bosch quality

Best solution for conversion of conventional range

Economic power supply

Minimised self-discharge rate

Strong performance against corrosion