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ECM (Enhanced Cyclic Mat) technology, designed with outstanding performance for entry level Start / Stop vehicles and provide twice as many cycles as a conventional battery.

Please note you must replace ECM batteries with ECM (AFB/EFB) or AGM where an ECM battery was originally fitted.

recycleEco Friendly – 97% Recyclable

Spare PartOriginal Quality Spare Part

  co2CO2 Saver

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Start Stop ECM

ECM (Enhanced Cyclic Mat), also known as AFB (Advanced Flooded Battery) or EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery), is an evolution of the traditional lead-acid battery.  It has been designed to meet the requirements of the new Start/Stop Micro-Hybrid compact vehicles.

This range is specifically manufactured to be installed on Micro-Hybrid vehicles that DO NOT have the regenerative braking system.

The Start/Stop ECM is a reliable power source that supplies all ancillary equipment, including all ‘in car electrical loads’, even when the engine is in an idle/off position and offers up to twice the cyclic capability of standard wet flooded batteries.

ECM – Battery Evolution

ECM batteries have been specifically designed to meet the needs of modern day Start/Stop vehicles, providing longer life, increased performance and the ability to cope with increased cyclic demand.  By incorporating an ‘Increased Electrolyte Reservoir’ the battery’s ability to cope with increased cycles is dramatically improved.Start-Stop ECM

The ECM battery also benefits from advances in the construction of the negative grids, where a new alloy of Lead, Calcium and Tin results in longer service life and reduced water loss.  Finally, a new mix of expanders, to deal with increased cycles, along with double layer separation (Micro-fibre Polyethylene (PE) & Polyester separators) boosts the battery’s ability to perform in the most demanding applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Up To 270,000 Cycles
  • Original Quality Spare Part
  • Lowers Co2 Emissions (3-6%)
  • Increases Fuel Efficiency (3-6%)
  • Spill Proof to 55˚ Angle – Maintenance Free
  • Tin Alloy In Grid Construction – Longer Life
  • Large Electrolyte Reservoir – Increased Cycles
  • High Carbon Content In Negative Plate – Increased Charge Acceptance
  • Improved Double Layer Separators Including A Polyester Fibre Soft Layer – Longer Life
  • Additional Polyfleece “Scrim” Material And Thicker Plates – Increased Cycle Performance
  • PTC “Clip & Hinge” Terminal Covers
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