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Tier 1 Partners
Platinum International is partnered with strategic, tier one, world-class battery manufacturers. Our supply partners concentrate their efforts on their core business of manufacturing and, in turn, rely on our skills and knowledge to bring their product to market with a competitive and structured sales, marketing and in-house logistic solution.

Tier 1 refers to manufacturers that supply components, which are produced on the same production lines that make batteries for Original Equipment, using the same technology, man power, equipment, controls and quality inspections approved by the car manufacturers to whom they are supplied.

We are just an extension of their manufacturing expertise, bringing our skills to enhance logistics, sales support, marketing and customer service.

Our suppliers utilise the latest calcium / calcium expanded metal technology, and are at the forefront of hi-tech manufacturing processes (plate punching and continuous grid casting). Significant investment in product development means they also have the capability to supply AGM and ECM products to meet both the OE and replacement battery market needs of the future.

Our manufacturing partners work with the leading vehicle OEM’s in Europe and Asia to supply the latest battery technologies. Manufacturers who supply Platinum Batteries are OE approved and supply to a ‘Spare Parts of Matching Quality’ standard. This is achieved by the same production lines, same machinery, same technology and same quality control as that used for vehicle OEM’s.

In addition to a complete automotive range, we stock an extensive range of motorcycle, valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) product and monobloc industrial product, covering the vast spectrum of applications (mobility, golf, alarm, UPS, Ride on Toys, Specialist Marine etc).

Supply Chain

Platinum International have worked hard to reach a point where we are now the largest independent battery distributor within the UK.

Our ability to source the highest quality products has seen us develop relationships across a number of sectors with many businesses.

Selling a commodity means that we must ensure that stock is readily available all year around, this is why we have a number of manufacturing partners strategically  positioned across the globe, which ensures our availability remains at 100% all year around.

These Tier 1 partners are strategically placed around the globe, operating in both US Dollar and Euro currency zones. This means that, when advantageous, we are able move our purchases from one currency zone to another, without compromising quality. This benefits our customers as we can offer stable pricing, which is far less susceptible to fluctuations in currency, than many of our competitors.