The National Caravan Council (NCC) launched its Verified Leisure Battery scheme this autumn. This scheme provides product verification for batteries used in leisure vehicles. With modern leisure vehicles featuring more technology and electrical appliances than ever before, buying an NCC verified leisure battery will give the consumer confidence that the battery they purchase is fit for purpose and will perform as advertised. The NCC will also encourage its leisure vehicle member manufacturers to fit NCC verified leisure batteries.

The NCC have verified the performance of the labelled batteries through performance testing, carried out in suitable laboratories to ensure the consumers can buy with peace of mind. The batteries will be verified and labelled accordingly, into three categories, A, B, C, depending on their category and purpose. The consumer will then consider how they use their caravan or motorhome and how this matches the three user types that have been identified.

The NCC provide a certificate for approval by battery brand and product reference, and a verification sticker showing the categorisation applied to the battery.

Caravan users can now clearly see which products are accurately quoting specifications and which are not, therefore if they select an approved battery they are guaranteed value for money.

Going forward all Platinum leisure batteries will feature the NCC Product Verified button on the labels.

Category C

685L, S685L, SD685L, SD690L, S6110L, SD6110L, 6110L and LB6110L

Category A

Trojan 27AGM, 31AGM, Odyssey PC1350, 1800FT, 2150S and the new Platinum AGM product AGMLB6110L


For more information please visit the NCC’s official press release

NCC Certificate