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Designed to meet the most arduous demands of commercial, cyclic, motive, traction, uninterrupted power supplies and standby applications, these batteries provide extra deep cycling capability, high resistance to deep discharge and superb durability for longer life.

The right choice of battery will not only extend the use of your equipment, but also maximise performance and minimise maintenance or downtime.

Stand By Appliances
Due to their ability to cycle, the Platinum VRLA range of batteries is ideal when ‘off grid’ power is required on a frequent basis. The range can be applied to a vast array of products and markets, including ‘Stand By Applications’.
Stand By Applications
  • Emergency Lighting
  • EDP Machines (Chip & Pin Machines)
  • Medical Equipment
  • Computers – Servers
  • Security Systems
  • Fire Alarms
  • Solar Power / Renewable Energy
  • Telecommunications
Alternative Use

The VRLA range is not only used as Back Up Power, it is in fact used in a number of applications where it is only power source, therefore durability and reliability are a given.

There are a wide variety of application for this range including, which are highlighted below.

Alternative applications
  • Agricultural & Turf Care
  • Floor cleaning Machines
  • Emergency Service Vehicles
  • Marine & Leisure Vehicles
  • Golf Trolleys & Carts
  • Mobility Vehicles
  • Navigational Control Systems
  • Motorcycle / Jet Ski
  • Powered Toys
  • Temporary Traffic Signals
  • Utility Vehicles
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